Look Here for Earrings!


leather, sterling silver, pyrite, quartz- Also available in gray…or several other colors.  Email me with any special requests.

Run To The Hills


various feathers, sterling silver chain, wood, quarts or tiger’s eye beads.

Quest For Fire


shaved peacock feather, sterling silver wire, wooden beads

Sign Of The Wolf

-25 (sold individually) -45 (as pair)

pheasant feather, suede, wooden bead, hammered sterling silver ear wire

All of my jewelry is made by me, by hand, so if you would like something custom, I am happy to accommodate (plus I’d love to hear your ideas).

Please email me at jen@darknessfell.com to place your order.

I accept checks, money orders, cash and Pay Pal.  Shipping is usually about five bucks or so.  At some point, I’ll make ordering available online.

Thank you for your interest in Darkness Fell.


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