Monthly Archives: April 2010

Nicely Done.

Went to Portland last weekend to visit my pals and went to a darling little shop called Sword & Fern.  It’s an awesome line featuring recycled machine parts and glass.  The shop is filled with fantastic pieces as well as various other small, gifty items.  I purchased this pair of earrings, but with black glass:

and now I must add a hole to each ear so I can wear both these and my own.  Haven’t been pierced in over a decade unless you count re-doing my nose after the ring fell out in Bali.  Which I don’t count because, you know, not a new piercing.



Just pulled this offa my friend Heather’s tumblr holdyourhorses:

Now going to the bead store (yes!!) to get more supplies.  Stay tuned for new designs.  Bracelet is in my brain and will soon be tangible.  P.S. I encourage comments, leave one so I know you’ve been…