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Today’s Project(s)

After I finish walking the beasts around the neighborhood in the sunshine, I will retire to my troll cave to bang out a couple of these for a couple of cute Capitol Hill ladies!

Am calling these Sign of the Wolf.  So far, I’ve worn this as a single with something much smaller in the other ear.  It’s a pheasant feather and is pretty long and stiff (heh) and requires a little attention to keep it in front of your shoulder.  A pair might be a little much, but one works out great.


Wore a pair of these and they are fine, dramatic, but in a sort of smooth way, like long black hair and heavy bangs.  Or some other analogy.  Find me a better analogy please.

Okay, so maybe they are from last fall, but I just barely saw them…

These totally amazing photos are from V magazine last fall…you could say that I’m a bit behind on the trend, but I like to point out how I was on top of it even though I DIDN”T EVEN KNOW IT.  Pow.

New, New and an Awesome Nude…

(Daria Werbowy Vogue Nippon, November 2009)

Know what the toughest thing about running naked through a field of wheat is? Accessorizing! Here are some ideas…next time you decide to shed your threads and let the grass tickle your bum, wear stuff like this on your ears:

Quest For Fire

Here’s my hand so you can tell how gigantic these hoops are:

The hoops are called “Quest For Fire” and the feathers are called “Run to the Hills”.


So, it’s a no-brainer to find inspiration in like, the Taj Mahal, or a majestic vista, or a mountain lake or a gorgeous flower or something, but what about getting jazzed about a huge crazy junk pile?

This crazy pirate palace is somewhere in the CD in Seattle, and according to my sources it’s actually pretty nice on the inside. I’m envisioning dusty oriental rugs and besmirched antique crystal chandeliers, but I really have no idea. This truck is parked out front:

which supports my interior theory, I think you’ll agree. Makes me wanna drag some old wood in front of my house and buy ermine throws for the sofa…er, excuse me, the divan.

It’s like a geode.


I made these guys yesterday, same style as the gray tassels with the quartz bead. This pair is black leather, cotton string, hammered sterling silver and pyrite. I may or may not keep the string in the tassel as it looks a bit messy. I think I’m going to call this style Petrichor which is the name of the smell of earth after it rains. According to Wikipedia, the word comes from the greek words petros which means stone or earth and ichor which means blood. Blood of the earth. Raaaaaaaadicalllll.

Sorry about the totally crummy phone photos, I was really excited to get these on the blog and didn’t want to wait till I found the camera…again, good photos coming as soon as I can get all my gorgeous babe girlfriends to model for me.