So, this WordPress is giving me a headache. I am not the most technologically adept of people, and I can’t figure out how to do paypal or a real product website or any of that stuff on here. Soooooo in the interest of commerce I am happy to announce the new Darkness Fell Etsy store! Easy! Convenient! I may get bloggy again soon, but I’d really rather make some new earrings, and wouldn’t you rather that too? Yeah thought so.


Nicely Done.

Went to Portland last weekend to visit my pals and went to a darling little shop called Sword & Fern.  It’s an awesome line featuring recycled machine parts and glass.  The shop is filled with fantastic pieces as well as various other small, gifty items.  I purchased this pair of earrings, but with black glass:

and now I must add a hole to each ear so I can wear both these and my own.  Haven’t been pierced in over a decade unless you count re-doing my nose after the ring fell out in Bali.  Which I don’t count because, you know, not a new piercing.


Just pulled this offa my friend Heather’s tumblr holdyourhorses:

Now going to the bead store (yes!!) to get more supplies.  Stay tuned for new designs.  Bracelet is in my brain and will soon be tangible.  P.S. I encourage comments, leave one so I know you’ve been…



Today’s Project(s)

After I finish walking the beasts around the neighborhood in the sunshine, I will retire to my troll cave to bang out a couple of these for a couple of cute Capitol Hill ladies!

Am calling these Sign of the Wolf.  So far, I’ve worn this as a single with something much smaller in the other ear.  It’s a pheasant feather and is pretty long and stiff (heh) and requires a little attention to keep it in front of your shoulder.  A pair might be a little much, but one works out great.


Wore a pair of these and they are fine, dramatic, but in a sort of smooth way, like long black hair and heavy bangs.  Or some other analogy.  Find me a better analogy please.

Okay, so maybe they are from last fall, but I just barely saw them…

These totally amazing photos are from V magazine last fall…you could say that I’m a bit behind on the trend, but I like to point out how I was on top of it even though I DIDN”T EVEN KNOW IT.  Pow.